UNAT High Pressure Air Terminal Unit

Operation up to 150 Pa ESP
Thermally and acoustically insulated unit case
Ideal comfort and indoor air quality for all seasons
Wide and versatile options

Advanced control and electronic control options
Low energy consumption and high comfort
Superior reliability and high quality
Low sound levels
UNAT High Pressure Air Terminal Unit
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• Made from corrosion resistant galvanized steel with high zinc content.
• High efficiency and silent centrifugal fans
(3 speed/ 220-240V / 1 phase / 50Hz).
• Easy maintenance and cleaning due to the G2 synthetic filter provided as standard.
• High efficient coils are made of seamless copper pipes and aluminum fins. Each coil is factory tested to 20 bar pressure.
  A drain pan against sweating is provided to drain the condensation occuring on the coil.
• The drain pan is enamel-coated and self-insulated with high protection properties.
• Corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel electrical terminal box accommodates electrical cables and connections.
• Specially designed to minimize air bubbles on the coil, there is a droplet sheet  that allows condensing water to go to the pan.
• Extension dropper made of ABS material is also available against dripping from the coil valve connections.
• Hydrophobic coated drain pan.
• AC, 3 stages Motor with IP 20 protection class, B class insulation.
• Flexible plenum box connections are available on the suction and supply sides.

• 2B (2 Pipe)
• 4B (4 Pipe)
• 3R (3 Rows Coil)
• 4R (4 Rows Coil)
• 5R (5 Rows Coil)

• Additional Heating Coil
• 2-Way Valve and Motor (Supplied Loose)
• 3-Way Valve and motor (Supplied loose)
• Room Thermostat
• Digital Room Thermostat
• Washable Metal Filter
• Synthetic G3 Filter
• Plenum Box On The Suction and Supply Sides
• Electrical Heater for 2-Pipe systems

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