URTT Tropical Range Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioners

Tropical Packaged Air Conditioning Solutions
Operation up to 53º C
High Energy Efficient Packaged Air Conditioners
Eco friendly  R410a Refrigerant Gas
Monoblock Compact Unit

Compactness with Well Qualified Air
Optimal Energy Efficiency, Air Quality and Comfort
Wide and Versatile Range
Energy Saving Solutions for All Commercial Buildings
Advanced Control Options
URTT Tropical Range Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioners
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Description: URTT range of packaged air conditioners are completely factory assembled, internally wired, charged with ecological R-410a refrigerant. The functional tests and tightness tests are conducted before delivery. The units are plug and play type and ready for installation. They are designed for ducted systems which will enable them to be installed on roof tops or on the ground.
Structure: Designed for ease of handling and low cost to install.  Each Packaged Units are factory assembled and mounted on a rigid base. The unit casing used in URTT packaged units is made of zinc coated galvanized steel sheets baked and electrostatic powder coated of approximately 80 microns.  The entire casing panels are designed to be leak proof against rain and ensure rain cannot enter the packaged air conditioner interior. The drain made of painted galvanized steel and heavily pre-insulated to ensure the condensation may not occur.  Stainless steel condensate drain pans are available upon request. The units are designed and installed with several access doors to provide easy maintenance.
Compressor: High efficient hermetic scroll compressors equipped with thermal protection and crankcase heater.
Condenser: Condenser coils are manufactured inner grooved copper tubes with corrugated aluminum fins to ensure optimum heat transfer. All evaporator coils are tested against leakage by air pressure under water.Dust storms and the general level of available maintenance in tropical countries ensures this condenser coil design shall provide long life and maintenance-free operation with the least possibility operational blockage on the condenser.Ample condenser surface and sensible air flow across the condenser ensures a low temperature differential between condensing temperature and the high ambient making the URTT packaged unit perform efficiently and durably.
Evaporator: Evaporator coils are manufactured of seamless copper tubes and aluminum fins to ensure optimum heat transfer. All evaporator coils are tested against leakage by air pressure under water. The DX evaporator coils are complete with headers of seamless copper tubing. Supply headers incorporate a correctly sized distributor.
-Evaporator coils are rated in accordance with EN norms.
Evaporator coil are supplied with suitable size thermostatic expansion valve(s) and multi-circuited distributors providing capacity modulation to match the compressors. Corrugated fins and inner grooved tubes design uses the evaporator surface effectively by creating uniform air turbulence and optimum heat transfer over the entire finned surface.
Condenser Fan: Direct driven condenser fans made of Sickle-shaped Aluminum blades with serrated trailing edge powered by thermally protected TEAO motors with minimum IP54 protection. The motors are selected for high ambient operation.

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