Hygienic Air Handling Units

During these days, along with the fight against the COVID 19, to be able to reach correctly selected and produced air handling units used in the ventilation of hygienic rooms is getting more and more important. Ventilation systems in hospitals, drug production facilities or gene laboratories that play a critical role in combating the epidemic, must meet all the criteria specified in DIN 1946-4 at the highest level.
ÜNTES carries this responsibility at the highest level with the products has been produced since 1968. With the awareness of our responsibility, in hygienic air handling units, we would like to emphasize the compatibility of our product with updated hygiene standards. Our hygienic air handling units have been tested at TÜV NORD Systems GmbH Laboratory according to DIN 1946-4: 2018 and VDI 6022-1: 2018 standards and met the required criteria at the highest level.

ACCORDING TO EN 1886: 2009
In addition, the relevant standards expect certain mechanical and thermal performance classes to be provided from hygienic air handling units according to EN 1886: 2009. Our air handling units are above the specified limit classes according to EN 1886: 2009.

However, all plastic parts used in hygienic air handling units must be made of materials that do not allow microbiological reproduction according to ISO 846 Standard. Our air handling units successfully meet this criterion and eliminate the risk of germ growth.

All components and materials, including seals and sealing materials used in our air handling units, are not harmful to health, does not carry risks such as smell, harmful substance spread and not creating a nutritious environment for micro-organisms. In addition, materials in contact with air flow in our air handling units were approved to be resistant to disinfectants (germicidal product).

Except for the above, as described in the standard;

• The interior surfaces of our hygienic air handling units are flat and smooth for easy cleaning.
• Thanks to the drain pan with three-dimensional slope, water is not allowed to accumulate inside the plant. At least 95% of the water accumulated in the drain pans must be drained, our test resulted in 99%.
• Filter placements are made according to ISO 16890 standard. Thanks to the design of our filter cases which provide the highest level of filter bypass control, dust does not pass to the fresh air side during filter changes and the mechanism that holds the filters guarantees air leakage without being affected by the air flow.

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